Vision and Strategy

A concise representation of our aspiration, Akanksha's Vision forms the basis of our objectives, offerings and operations. The Mission statement provides the framework for our business strategy, while the Values drive our ethos, culture and corporate governance. Together, these statement form the basis for strategic planning.

Strategic Planning

At Akanksha, strategic planning is based on four key principles of Business Excellence – Positive Mindset, Focus on Vision, Process Rigor and Passion. We have modelled our business in line with the Malcolm Baldrige Business Excellence framework. Our business strategy is graphically represented through a Strategy Map, which provides direction, and serves as a communication tool to concisely sum up key performance indicators.

Strategy Implementation

We convert our strategy into action through the Balanced Score Card (BSC), which contains carefully selected business measures. The BSC helps track our performance across four strategic perspectives:

  • Financial: What must we do to succeed financially?
  • Customer: How should we appear to customers?
  • Internal Process: What processes do we excel at?
  • Learning & Growth: How can we sustain ability to change and improve?

AJ's Balanced Score Card

The BSC is supported with a strong analytics program and a rigorous business review and monitoring system. Individual goals are aligned to business unit scorecards, which in turn, are aligned to the company’s scorecard. Besides ensuring alignment of goals, the strategy map and BSC guide us towards achievement of our vision.

Corporate Governance

Akanksha ensures legal compliance, upholds ethical behavior and maintains transparency in all its operations. We are sensitized towards resource conservation, ergonomics and our carbon footprint. Our aim is to make Akanksha a role model for ethical behavior and conduct.

Financial Discipline and Control

Akanksha believes in creating true wealth and value for all stakeholders - Making profits that are greater than cost of capital. We've adopted the Economic Value Added (EVA) performance metric to measure wealth creation.


We are not a conventional company and we don’t intend to be one. We share attributes, stature, behavior and management style with the world’s best organizations. Akanksha-ites thrive in energized environments, and are passionate about the company's Vision, Mission and Values.

We believe, our dream can change the world.

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