Rule Name Rule Description Points
New user Assign points to new users 10.00
Invite Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user on sending invite 1.00
Invite with success Invite a friend to register on this website, assign points to user when his friend registered with success 1.00
Coupon points codes Allows users to enter a code in the module appropriate to get extra points 0.00
Upload avatar profile Assigns points when a user upload a picture or avatar in his profile with the internal avatar system of AlphaUserPoints 1.00
Profile complete Assigns points when a user has 100% completed his / her profile. Must be used with the internal system avatar of AlphaUserPoints. Assigns 10% complete on registration, assigns 50% with image or avatar, reach 100% with small description, birthday, gender, hometown (city), job and education information. If the profile down and becomes incomplete, points will be removed automatically. 5.00
Combined activities Combine the set of all actions in one activity from a specified date (perform database) 0.00
Happy Birthday Get points for your Birthday 10.00
Virtual gift purchase Points debit for a Virtual gift you purchased. 0.00
Gift creator commission Gift creator commission to gift crerator when a user purchases a Virtual gift. 0.00
Memorizr Pay to play Points deducted to play a Memorizr game -1.00
Memorizr - Your first score on game Points earned when scoring for the first time on games 1.00
Memorizr - Score Improved Points earned when improving a score 1.00
Memorizr - New High Score Points earned when setting a new high score for a game 5.00
Upload Photo Give points when registered user upload photos. 1.00
Add New Group Give points when registered user created new group. 3.00
Add New Group's Discussion Give points when registered user created new discussion on group. 2.00
Leave Group Deduct points when registered user leave a group. -1.00
Approve Friend Request Give points to both parties when registered user approved friend request. 1.00

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