Genesis and Model


Inspired by a dream of creating a social karma ecosystem, Akanksha is an online club - an ecosystem, comprising individuals, professionals, businesses and academia, who come together to Make a Difference, and jointly accomplish what we can't do alone.


Akanksha is a sanskrit term for Aspirations. Karma exemplifies actions and conduct. Their intersect enables users realize and achieve their social potential. Hence the branding, "Akanksha", and "Karma".


Taking a cue from the biological ecosystem analogy, the Akanksha ecosystem comprises individuals, businesses, non profits, and focused user groups, enabled through social learning and collaboration tools - all working in unison, to maintain ecosystem balance and create social value for everyone.


Your online and real-world social interactions have enormous potential. Your "social likes" strengthen brands. Your actions drive sales. Your social posts disseminate knowledge, and your opinion influences mindsets - that's social value creation at work. Through the right social collaboration and learning tools, Akanksha fuels and channels this potential. The result - social value creation for everyone.


Akanksha-ites use social tools to socialize, collaborate, learn, shop, compete or simply unwind and relax. The social value created by these actions is shared with everyone, making each club member a stakeholder in success, and not just another user.


Karma valuation is based on simple economics. When an economy does well, its currency is valued high. When everyone - users, businesses, brands - play their roles, the Akanksha ecosystem thrives and creates value for all. Didn't we say ecosystem? And not just another shopping network?

Social Responsibility

At Akanksha, social responsibility is not just a buzzword, but a way of life. We contribute a portion of our profits to social causes, and are committed to spur a new generation of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives, by championing the use of web technology to address problems affecting society. We believe a social platform, at a minimum, needs to be socially responsible. Akanksha-ites too, can contribute a portion of their shopping cashback and social karma value, towards social causes. Now, isn't that being truly social?


Akanksha is an experience you wouldn't want to miss out on. It's one helluva-ride. Come, become an Akanksha-ite. Registration is easy and takes less than two minutes. In no time, you'll begin realizing your social potential.

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