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Significant Cashback

Here’s an exciting value proposition you cannot resist - your opportunity to multiply your shopping rewards and savings. At AJ, we've built in...

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Exciting Rewards

Get rewarded for your shopping loyalty - the way you want - without participating in dozens of loyalty programs. With growing base of...

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Shopping with Friends

AJ's social features and collaboration tools provide the familiar "Shopping with Family and Friends" experience - much similar to hanging out with your...

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Give Back with Cashback

In addition to bank credits and rewards, you can also use your Cashback to Make a Difference - to a Social Cause or...

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Join the Club Start Unlocking Karma & Rewards

​Being at the top of AJ's Karma Leaderboard is a great feeling. With my Karma, I've unlocked massive discounts with brands. No more searching the internet for coupon codes. Shopping was never so rewarding. Thank you AJ - for making life easier.

Nakul Srivastava Nakul Srivastava

Awesome Contest line-up with cool prizes! The ‘Bollywood Tadka Quiz’ being the awesomest, as I was one of the winners in it. :) Looking forward to many more!! Thanks for the prized gift voucher. With best deals available @ AJ, it took me no time to get my hands on the latest fashion apparels on display.

Sofia Dsouza Sofia Dsouza

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